Operation Pit Stop

Spay/Neuter your Pit Bull for free and receive a raffle ticket to win!

Wings of Rescue has joined forces with the Bakersfield SPCA and race car driver Giacomo Yacaman to create Operation Pit Stop in Bakersfield!

Anyone bringing in a Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix will have their dog altered for free and receive a raffle ticket to win a free 70 inch high definition smart TV.

Make an appointment to spay/neuter your dog and for a chance to win by calling the Bakersfield SPCA at 661-323-8353.

  • Altering your dog will add a year on average to his/her life, reduce veterinary costs and just as importantly end shelter overcrowding and euthanasia.
  • If we could alter every Pit Bull in the country nearly every shelter would be no kill!

Please help all of us at Wings of Rescue become the Maytag Repairman of Rescue and stop us from having to fly pets to safety, by calling and make an appointment today!