Our Stunning Shelter Crew


Hailey has been a kennel technician here since 2021. Hailey loves providing enrichment to the animals. She is always thinking of fun activities for them to do in their kennels or the play yard.

James is our go-to onsite Maintenance Manager since 2017. He is reliable, friendly, and always willing to lend a hand. With years of experience in the field, James has a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to keeping our buildings in top shape. He takes pride in making sure everything is safe and up to code. He is also a great problem solver and can often find creative solutions to tricky issues. We are lucky to have such a talented and dedicated maintenance guy on our team!

Jeanette joined the staff in 2006 as a kennel technician. She is currently working as a health technician assisting in the health care of all the animals. In Jeanette’s downtime, you can find her getting some puppy love in the nursery!

Jenise has been our front office receptionist since 2017! She works in the office and brings with her a love and passion for all animals. When she is not helping adopters or answering phones, you will find her sitting in a shy dog’s kennel offering treats and kind words to get them socialized so that they are more likely to be adopted.

Kristen is our Communications Specialist since October 2022, bringing 20 years of experience in content marketing, social media, and digital marketing to our team. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, we know that she is looking forward to building onto the foundation that Chuck has already laid for us and further increasing our digital media presence. She has a passion for finding creative ways to engage with audiences and is always looking for ways to enhance our communication strategies. Kristen is a natural problem solver who loves to collaborate with other team members to achieve the best results. She sincerely hopes to do the BSPCA family proud and, hopefully, help to continue our mission to make a difference in our community.

Kristin joined our staff in 2012 as a Health Technician and was quickly promoted to Kennel Supervisor. Not long after, because she is a rockstar, she was then promoted to Shelter Manager and Senior Health Technician. She does an outstanding job maintaining the health and welfare of the animals as well as coordinating spay and neuter surgeries for all of them. Kristin is also an amazing leader to her staff! We all just love her!

Lisa has been with us since 2019. She is our Bookkeeper/H.R. Manager and overall wears a bunch of different hats here! It is because of her that our doors stay open, and our lights stay on! Lisa brings an incredible level of knowledge and expertise to our team. Her attention to detail, organization, and commitment to accuracy ensures that our finances are well taken care of. We are so lucky to have Lisa on our team!

Lynn started with us just last year in 2022 but has quickly made herself known as the “puppy hugger!” On her breaks she enjoys going out and getting some puppy loves and hugs in. Lynn is responsible for, and always happy to, help with appointments, completing adoption paperwork and answering any questions you may have. Her smiling face is typically one of the first you see when you walk in the front door.

Tiffany has been a kennel technician since 2015. She loves working with all the dogs and cats here. She is such a great help in all areas of their care and we’re thankful to have her on board!

Trisha has been on the team since 2016 and this girl is versatile! Since coming on board, she has learned all the front office duties: welcoming customers, answering phones, scheduling appointments, checking adoption applications, and all the while, she also assists our Bookkeeper/H.R. Manager! Thank you, Trisha, for all you do!


Bakersfield SPCA also welcomes our 2023 newest team members, Chris, Leo, Sandra, Raul, Diego and Melayna!


We also want to thank our volunteers; especially Diane, who has worked our front desk every Monday for the last 25 years; Kathy, our amazing volunteer of 5 years who has come to socialize and play with all our pets to help prepare them for adoption; and Marilyn, our amazing volunteer of 18 years who comes in daily to help us organize for our many different onsite fundraisers—without her, things like our Book Sale would not be nearly as successful!


Executive Staff

Chuck has overseen public relations and our volunteers since coming aboard in 2003. He is a local television celebrity and has quite a following! He is also the donation event guru and manages to “pull it together” every year. Chuck has now handed off the public relations/communications job to another and has now been given the title of Executive Director! Not only does he do a wonderful job of overseeing the BSPCA, but he is also in charge of overseeing the daily operations for the City of Bakersfield Animal Center.